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New Album Out Now!

Dero & Klumzy - New Album For The Record - Out Now!


DERO & KLUMZY - are a musical duo made up of austrian (Graz) DJ and producer Mr.Dero and english (London) MC and Singer / Songwriter Klumzy Tung (formerly known as 'Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung'). Since meeting in 2006 they have established an enviable position as a respected production team, live performance duo and music video craftsmen, having clocked-up millions of online views, performing hundreds of live shows across Europe and achieving mainstream radio rotation in the process. Having recently celebrated ten years on the road, they are about to release their first hip hop album together 'For The Record', due for release in Autumn 2018. Their music has been featured in worldwide hit TV series 'Skins', received BBC Radio1 airplay and has earned them 'FM4 Soundpark Band of the Month', to name but a few achievements. They have always kept good company having collaborated and/or performed with legendary artists  including the likes of Beardyman, DJ Vadim, Africa Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers), Denyo, MC Rene, Reeps One, JFB, Jstar or dub legend Mad Professor for example.


Their combination of mixing traditional disciplines, with technological advancements means they are able to capture the imagination of any crowd they come across, using mind boggling freestyle, expert turntablism and original songs to form a formidable live experience, either as a DJ / MC duo or with a larger scale band set-up. They have multiple top ten iTunes chart placements, over a million plays on Spotify, and have achieved all of their successes as independent artists, building together with in-house Austrian label Tiefparterre Records. (Download Presskit)




They have rocked up to 300 shows in over 100 clubs and festivals all around Europe with their positive, one-of-a-kind live show. Just a few:


Fusion Festival, Mainstage (D), Poolbar Festival (Bregenz, A), Sazavafest (Prag, CZ), Beachbreak Festival (Wales, UK), Gampel Festival (SUI), Hip Hop Open (Vienna, A), Springfestival (Graz, A), Trail Days (Italy), Emperor Of Mic (Maribor, SLO), Carnival Festival, (Rijeka, CR),..and many more.

Venues, Clubs

The Jazz Cafe (London, UK), The Brixton Jam (London UK), Cargo (London, UK), Audio (Brighton, UK), Cassiopeia (Berlin, D), Schräglage (Stuttgart, D), Römerkastell (Saarbrücken, D), Moondoo (Hamburg, D), Maki Club (Ingolstadt, D), Roxy Club (Prag, CR), La Coupole (Biel, SUI), Kraftwerk (SUI), Cubo Beach (BGR), Flex (Wien, A), Grelle Forelle, Wien (A), Subway (Köln, D), Stadthalle (Graz, A), Groovestation (Dresden, D), Calamari Moon, Hannover (D)...and many more

Collabs / Releases with

Bam (Jungle Brothers, NY, USA), Dj Vadim (London, UK), Beardyman (2x UK Beatbox Champion, London, UK), MC Rene (German Rap Legend), Jstar (Major Lazor Tour Manager, Mash up pioneer, London, UK), Mad Professor (dub legend / UK), JFB (2x UK DMC DJ Champion, UK), Dj Buzz (Waxolutionsts, A), More Like Trees (London, UK)

Shared stages or shows with

Guru´s Jazzmatazz, Jungle Brothers, Cro, Beardyman, Genetikk, Megaloh, Samy Deluxe, Turntable Rocker, Beginner, Denyo, Dj Vadim, Xavier Naidoo, Delinquent Habits, Dorfmeister, Princess Superstar, Krafty Kuts, Torch, Reeps One, Dj Rafik…and many more.



Dero & Klumzy, who delivered the best show I have seen for some time! If you have the opportunity to see them...incomprehensible! They are so tight! The music selection was top, Dero’s mix was amazing! And Klumzy Tung: 2 hours of freestyle rap on stage, something you do not have yet seen!
— Kristian Davidek (FM4, Austrian National Radio)
The truth is, Dero & Klumzy LIVE tear it down, that not a stone is left standing! If you ever have the chance to see Dero & Klumzy, go there and check them out!...Sensational, definitely go!
— Kristian Davidek (FM4, Austrian National Radio)
Klumzy Tung ist ein sehr guter und absolut sympathischer Rapper und Sänger aus England, der seit mehreren Jahren in Graz lebt und zusammen mit dem ebenfalls extrem guten und sympathischen Produzenten Mr.Dero einfach nur geilen, lustigen und niveauvollen Pop, Drum’n’Bass, Hip Hop und sonstige Flashkrams released. Die haben schon eine Menge Videos, Free Downloads und Singles draußen und ein neues Album steht auch in der Pipeline.…sehr supportenswert!
— Denyo (Beginner)
Poolbar with Pratersauna: The music goes straight into the dancing feet, the dance floor is overly packed within no time, Klumzy Tung puts on an incredibly good & extremely charming show, the mood is cooking, the people cheer - and that’s how it goes on until the early morning.
— Herwig Bauer (Poolbar Festival)
Watching Dero & Klumzy is like having a music TV on “Random shuffle mode”, switching styles and occasionally hitting the kids channel, until you are dancing like a lunatic with a big smile on your face! BIG UPS!
— Jstar (Mash Up Pioneer, Major Lazer / Diplo Tour Manager)
The Team Supreme! Must see Live! Their Show is simply an energetic, melodic and funny Live Entertainment on the highest Level of DJ vs. MC Art. A unique blind conversation through the mighty tools of a mic and the turntables.
— Gogo Gossner (Shred Down Snowboard Party Series) Promoter
My headphones are not doing that one justice... It needs to be on a whomping great system...Whomping!
— Rob da Bank (BBC1 Radio Extra)
Klumzy Tung and Mr.Dero were exemplary guests on my FM4 Morning Show, were immaculately dressed and very well behaved..oh, and they performed brilliantly!!
— Stuart Freeman, Fm4 Morning Show
Dero & Klumzy are 2 of the most talented acrobats I’ve ever worked with, their double-triple over-end backwards lateral jump trick is one of the greatest highflying manoeuvres to have come out of Europe since the great war... Their finishing is always perfect and they keep their costumes cleaner than any whistle you could wish to shake a dog at. Perfect leaps into the known and unknown with equal aplomb. . . a plumb? no. . a plomb. Raving crew.
— Beardyman (Beatbox Champ & Loop Genius)
Grenzgenialer Mix!
— Dj Mad (Beginner)

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