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New Album Out Now!

Dero & Klumzy - New Album For The Record - Out Now!


Dero & Klumzy present their new single 'Roadrunner', taken from forthcoming album 'For The Record', set for release autumn 2018 on Tiefparterre Records. Following their previous release 'Money Speaks', the song showcases the duo's effortless versatility, delivering a track that can be blasted either on radio or in the club. The beat is bass driven, vibrantly energetic and backed-up by unique lyrical flows and content, as well as a catchy hook that gets stuck in the head long after listening. 

"Roadrunner - It’s not where you’re going, but how you get there."

The song is accompanied by an easy on the eye music video, shot in Croatia and Austria, which follows Klumzy Tung, as he journeys through a plethora of stunning locations, overcoming random obstacles, with unexpected twists and turns along the way. Directed by the rising talents of Jann Doll & Moritz Wehr ( from Graz, Austria.


Musically Roadrunner combines a warm analogue hip hop sound with contemporary club elements - playful energy paired with soulful reggae parts. The vocal acrobatically flips from flow to flow throughout the verses, paying great attention to lyrical detail. All said and done, Dero & Klumzy once again return with their very own signature sound.



The song 'Counting Sheep' from Klumzy Tung's album 'Happy Accidents' (produced by Mr.Dero) is currently featured as the soundtrack in a TV advert for the official title sponsor of the Austrian F1 Grand Prix and will also be aired on TV in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, when the 'Moto GP' takes place in summer, autumn 2018. Watch the original music video (642,000 views).


Dero & Klumzy released the first single from forthcoming album 'For The Record' in spring 2018. The song is accompanied by an artistic and high-quality video concept, played out like a short film (directed by Markus E. Mueller & Kilian Toegel). The storyline tackles the concept of money and the role it plays in society. At what cost do you sell your soul to be rich? Nobodies getting out alive and nobodies taking their wealth with them when they go!

"A rich skeleton without skin and it's hair / even if it was before is not a millionaire / when we're stripped to the bare bones, been in repair, but can't fix it / the heart's still thick in the air"


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